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Dec 4 '12

My contributions to En Masse live collaborative drawing @ Design Festa Gallery in Harajuku/Tokyo. Organizer knew about my background so he encouraged me to put in some cellular inspired work.

Here is a peek at the comic I did for the AMI's INSANE comic initiative. I also got to meet Richard Weaver (the organizer) at AMI toronto!

This issue is pretty hilarious and I’m glad I got to be a part of it!

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Aug 14 '12

What I wore today…It has been hard figuring out what to wear to work in 30C weather. I’m transitioning out of my graphic tee collection that I wore in school (though I will still wear that stuff on weekends).

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Jul 19 '12

Part II of this presentation, and more pictures this time! The presentation was much longer than this, but I’m only posting the parts where I was more involved in creating the content/visuals…

Don’t forget 2 big Toronto events coming up:

July 22-24 Comics & Medicine conference

July 25-28 Association of Medical Illustrators (AMI) annual meeting

I contributed a page to the “improv” comic put out by INSANE (Initiative of sequential artists’ novel event), aka a group of AMI members who like to draw comics. I am in issue #2, and the comic seems hilarious from the previous page I had as reference. Please check it out! I believe the book “profits” go towards supporting the Vesalius Trust scholarships. Cheers to Mr. Richard Weaver for helping organize the book! You can grab the book at AMI if you are attending.

I also have an illustration published in the research article The role of chemokines in the pathogenesis of neurotropic flaviviruses. No regrets taking histopathology and immunology!

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Jul 19 '12

Back in May, Beatrice and I created a presentation about biomedical communication and and MSc BMC program at University of Toronto

Here are a few select slides, based on our own POV!

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Jan 27 '12

I like to look at WIP and old, unused concepts. Many of them are good ideas, but did not fit the rest of the puzzle. As mentioned before, my current work is patient education, so lots of drawings of people. When it comes to doing the biomedical illustrations I generally take a more “reduced” or “simplified” approach. Removing unnecessary details, removing visual noise, and keeping the focus on what’s important.

Patient’s emotional reaction and sensitivity to these highly personal and scary topics (cancer) is always something to keep in mind. Often times, people only look up medical information when they’re feeling threatened, worried, confused, or stressed. This is also why I personally feel that patient education work can be more challenging  than doing work for higher education. This unpredictable “emotional” or “knee jerk” factor, combined with highly variable socioeconomic and educational backgrounds of people viewing the content.

A class where Prof. Dave Mazierski taught photography, and I stared at him from the sidelines. No regrets putting this up now since his body is on TV!!

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